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The Open Cloud Forum will be the second event of a series that started with the London event in February 2014. It is organized and co-ordinated by OW2, and will be open to other open cloud communities. It will offer to attendees a mix of panel discussion and presentations given by experts from the open cloud community at large.

Open Cloud Forum Program, April 9th (Download the PDF) :

1) European projects demonstrations and presentations (14:00):
– OCEAN Open Cloud Directory demonstration, by Peter Deussen, Fraunhofer Fokus – PDF
– MODAClouds presentation, by Andrey Sadovykh, Softeam – PDF
– InGeoClouds, by Frédéric Brouillé, Akka Informatique & Systèmes – PDF
– OSSMeter, by Alessandra Bagnato, Softeam – PDF

2) Panel 1: Why and how to select open cloud components for my information systems? (15:15)
Speakers: Najah Naffah, Prologue – Grégoire Lejeune, eNovance – Jules-Henry Gavetti, iKoula.

3) Panel 2: The PaaS platform at the heart of interoperability, portability and reversibility stakes (16:15)
Speakers: Alban Richard, UShareSoft – Guillaume Plouin, OCTO Technology – Nicolas Barcet, eNovance – Frédéric Brouillé, Akka Informatique & Systèmes

4) Panel 3: Why join an open cloud community and how to contribute ? (17:15)
Speakers: Regis Allegre, Cloudwatt – Jean Parpaillon, Lizen – Cédric Thomas, OW2 – Nicolas Barcet, eNovance & OpenStack Community.

About the Open Cloud Forum:

The Open Cloud is reaching public and private infrastructures, offering a new flexibility to local, national and global IT projects. Innovation takes place around technical and collaborative projects federating ISVs, scientific and industrial research groups. They rely on cloud standards such as OCCI, CIMI and CDMI to improve data portability and service interoperability over heterogenous infrastructures. To seize the latest Open Cloud opportunities, visit Cloud Computing World Expo, April 9-10, in Paris and join the free Open Cloud Workshop, designed and co-ordinated by the OW2 OSCi (Open Source Cloudware initiative) and gathering many open cloud projects, experts and communities.

How to attend the Open Cloud Forum Paris?

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Then, on April 9, 2014, just attend the PARIS LA DEFENSE CNIT Cloud Computing World Expo 2014.

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