Standards and Open Source Cloud components 

One of the OCEAN tasks is to organize Open Cloud Plugfests – open source oriented events aiming at stimulating cooperation and integration between open cloud collaborative projects. Open Cloud Plugfest main objectives include:

  •  increase awareness about the projects
  •  accelerate integration of their outcomes and foster cooperation between projects
  •  help them to increase market acceptance.

To increase the efficiency of these events, OCEAN joined the existing initiative organized by OGF, SNIA and ETSI. Together, we are building a series of Plugfest events involving Open Source and Closed Source vendors. The OCEAN project is especially supporting the involvement of Open Source Cloud projects.

Open Cloud Project Collaboration Workshop, 15 May 2014 (Brussels)

The European Commission, Ocean and partners projects invited all FP7 cloud projects to take part in this hands on workshop. A total of 15 FP7 open cloud projects did attend to enhance cloud interoperability through:

  • the Architecture track
  • the Code track
  • the projects one-to-one meetings

Please check the workshop photos and detailed agenda.
You will find more information about this workshop in the dedicated presentations within this table:

Project Name  Speaker  Organization Workshop Presentation
 ARTIST  Peter Stuer  Spikes NV PDF
 ASCETIC  Jean-Christophe Deprez  Cetic PDF
 BigFoot  Matteo Dell’Amico  Eurecom PDF
 CACTOS  Sergej Svorobej  Dublin City Univ. PDF
 CloudScale  Sebastian Lehrig  Univ. of Paderborn PDFCloudStore PDF
 CloudSME  Tamas Kiss  Univ. of Westminster PDF
 CloudingSMEs  Caterina Berbenni-Rehm  Promis@Service PDFPromis PDF
 CumuloNimbo  Ricardo Jimenez-Peris  Univ. Politecnica de Madrid PDF
 HARNESS  Guillaume Pierre  Univ. Rennes 1 PDF
 MODAClouds  Michele Ciavotta  Polimi PDF
 Ocean  Olivier Bouzereau  OW2 PDF
 Orbit  Vrettos Moulos  NTUA PDFAPIs PDFData Mngt PDF
 PaaSage  Geir Horn  Univ. of Oslo PDF
 SeaClouds  Michele Ciavotta  Polimi PDF
 Sucre  Michael Pantazoglou  NKUA PDF

DMTF, ETSI, OASIS, OCEAN Project, OGF, OW2 and SNIA organized a successful joint Cloud Interoperability Week, co-hosted with the EGI and SDC conferences.

The Cloud Interoperability Week was co-located with the EGI Technical Forum and OGF 39 at the Hotel Melia Castilla, in Madrid, Spain, 18th – 20th September. Cloud Plugfest activities were also hosted at the SNIA Storage Developer Conference in Santa Clara, CA 16th-18th September.

You can also download the workshop agenda and presentations on the Cloud Interoperability Workshop page.

You will find photos and more information in the OCEAN event page.