Configure and execute automatically builds and tests

ETICS automates and improves the execution of builds and tests. The ETICS system is designed to simplify the development process and to support the execution of complex testing scenarios while improving the quality of the software produced. Together with its continuous build features, ETICS offers testing tools for checking various aspects of software and the opportunity to write and execute customized tests.

ETICS is a solution for software development and testing lifecycle management. It is offered as a service and exploits shared computing infrastructures to offer new and improved features.

ETICS main features


Distributed builds – You submit the builds from the web interface and ETICS allocates the required computational resources to perform the build exploiting the computing power of a distributed environment. ETICS distributes builds across different machines enabling whole projects or single components to be built in parallel.

Support for automatic creation of distribution packages – in a number of different formats (rpm, deb, tgz) on the basis of the platform selected for the build.

Dependency management – ETICS offers advanced management of build and runtime software dependencies. Within the ETICS infrastructure a large repository of Open Source third party tools is available for users to choose.


Complex testing scenarios – ETICS allows to define multi-node testing environments specifying software to install and testing scripts for each node enabling whole projects or single components to be tested against different environments and operating systems.

Distributed tests – ETICS allocates the required computational resources from its pool to perform the tests exploiting the computing power of a distributed environment and automating the execution of testing scripts. At run-time ETICS also provides a synchronization mechanism on all nodes involved in the test

Collection of test information – from popular testing libraries (e.g. junit, sloccount, pyunit, checkstyle etc.) and its integration in the build and test reports. Support for other tools can be added via plugins.


Constant quality checking of software. At every build/test, ETICS executes several specific plugins to execute source code analysis and collect measures on code quality.

Quality reports – aggregated reports as well as raw data is available for developers and managers to keep your software quality high.


OCEAN cloud projects will have the opportunity to use ETICS to configure and execute automatically builds and tests of their cloud components. The benefits will come from ETICS unique approach to standardize the build and release process and to evaluate the software quality. Most relevant quality metrics collected during build/test executions will be published in the OCEAN’s Open Cloud Directory enriching metadata associated with cloud projects.

More information on ETICS system:

Replay the Webinar for FP7 projects Quality Evaluation with ETICS, by Gabriele Giammatteo  (October 2014)